About us


We are mainly a product-focused company. We believe that the issues in the field of financial advisory are founded in technology and design rather than government bureaucracy. Our goal is to develop applications and Websites that are both simple and comprehensive in order to meet the needs of Financial Advisors.

Our software and website enable financial advisors to remove the complexities of finance from the hands of their clients. Nivesh Life is a common noun in the mutual fund distribution industry and is well-known throughout India for its robustness and reliability.
Nivesh Life provides need-based solutions at a reasonable price, resulting in long-term client connections through a happy staff and excellent service.


We also provide the most effective Mutual Fund software for MF distributors with ARN Code To provide investment solutions by simplifying the investment process and tailoring it to the client's objectives. Nivesh Life gives you your desired name by creating a mobile application, website as well as a logo for a better work experience.

Our Nivesh Life MF platform aims to provide you with advanced investment advice to help you reach your long-term objectives like education, tax planning, and retirement planning for your children.