Package & Features

Mutual Fund

Nivesh Life's Mutual Fund software to a wide range of its valuable Mutual Fund Distributors including high net worth corporates as well as individuals of different income groups, depending upon their financial needs. We specialize in delivering financial solutions for our Mutual Fund Distributors to help guide them through market cycles. Our Nivesh Life MF Platform is A Subscription Based Service and You can be subscribed or cancel this service anytime at anywhere.


Mutual Fund Features

Our team analyzes your need, minimize the risk and optimize your gains. We provide you many types of features in this Platform like:


It involves less paperwork at the time of registration


Makes things very easy and quick with technology


Nivesh Life's Mutual Fund Platform is time saving software for Mutual Fund Distributors


Keeps records of all your payments


It also shows you real-time insights and performance reports


It easily manages all the transactions of the customer in Nivesh Life's Mutual Fund Platform


You can use this Platform from anywhere and anytime


The company's motto is to serve all of our clients with the correct approach at the right time for the best results