16 Jan 2023

How Does Mutual Fund Software Help Mutual Fund Distributors and Integrated Financial Advisors

How Does Mutual Fund Software Help Mutual Fund Distributors and Integrated Financial Advisors

Running a Mutual Fund business is not always easy; you need to consider the current situation and based on that you need to forecast future possibilities. It is centered on the choices and actions that need to be taken into consideration to generate revenue for the investors. In this technology-driven era, you need to remain updated with the latest technology to enhance the performance of all your business operations for which mutual fund software for distributors was developed. Hearing mutual fund software for distributors, the question might arise - how does mutual fund software help mutual fund distributors and integrated financial advisors?

Growing Fondness For Mutual Fund Investments

According to the Mutual Fund India Research Report View, in August 2017 the total number of individual ARN distributors was 75,866. With the growing number of Mutual Fund investors and the popularity of mutual funds, there has been an increase in the number of mutual fund distributors and IFAs. According to the statistics published by AMFI, the total number of registered mutual fund distributors including non-individual ARN holders increased from 82,881 to 92,565 in 2017.

With the increase in technology and more people planning to shift their business online, Nivesh Life - mutual fund software for distributors was developed. This mutual fund distributor platform is trusted by more than a thousand mutual fund distributors and financial advisors from across India. Nivesh Life is a high-end one-stop technology platform for mutual fund advisors to solve all their financial service needs. It is the best mutual fund distributor software in India that comes in mobile and web applications to improve client relationships and grow their business.
Nivesh Life is developed with the aim to empower ARNs, mutual fund distributors, and end-clients to identify product opportunities and increase assets under management to win clients’ confidence and loyalty. Nivesh Life is the smartest, fastest, and simplest mutual fund software for distributors to track clients’ investments and portfolio performance.

Key Features of Nivesh Life - The Best Mutual Fund Distributor Software in India

Managerial Board to Handle Multiple ARN

This mutual fund software for distributors has a special functionality of managing multiple ARN at the same time. This feature holds an important place in the market as it works as the handling manager for any business and gives you a complete picture of how the extended advisory business would look.

Goal Tracking in Real-Time

This feature of Nivesh Life will map your customers’ portfolio goals with their existing investments and help the mutual fund distributors generate consolidated business opportunity reports. This helps financial advisors from return-oriented investors to goal-oriented investors. 

Available At Any time, Everywhere

Entering into the technological era has given a lot of benefits to businesses. Having online accessibility is a basic need these days which every business entrepreneur or investor wishes to have while making an investment, purchasing, or browsing through a list of services. With this mutual fund software for distributors, all the needs of the investors can be resolved as it can be accessible at any time from anywhere. 

Time Saver Mutual Fund Management Software

Nivesh Life provides the best mutual fund distributor software in India developed to benefit mutual fund distributors and financial advisors. This mutual fund management software is a combination of advanced technology to save precious time and resolve your issues. This helps the IFAs and MFDs to spend their time productively in helping the clients reach their objectives and goals.

Mutual Funds are viewed as one of the most popular investment options, along with bank fixed deposits and stocks. Understanding and measuring the important performance aspects before investing can help you select the finest Mutual Funds for you, and our feature-rich platform will make it happen.

Nivesh Life's Mutual Fund software for distributors is developed to provide financial requirements and risk tolerance which can be beneficial to Mutual Fund Distributors, corporations, as well as individuals from different income levels to scale up their financing & investing game. High-quality technology and metrics power this feature-rich mutual fund software, which will significantly advance the mutual funds sector and is made available on a subscription basis. You can quickly sign up or cancel the membership whenever you want, from anywhere. 

Wish to know more about Nivesh life- software for mutual fund advisors! Feel free to write to us at hello@niveshlife.com or contact us at +91 7433883322. 

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