12 Jul 2022

Features of the best Mutual Fund Software for IFA - Let’s find out!

Features of the best Mutual Fund Software for IFA - Let’s find out!


Running a company is always centered on the choices and actions you take while considering current situations and forecasting future possibilities. 

Mutual Fund Business for Independent Online Financial Advisors has carved out a distinct niche in the financial sector and has attracted the attention of distributors because of its lucrative earning capacity. 

We all recognize that mutual funds are a wonderful way for investors and distributors to generate revenue, but managing it all can be difficult at times.

And at that time, mutual fund software for IFA comes to the rescue. 

Still confused over this, don't worry!

In this article, we will list everything about the IFA mutual fund software, its functions, benefits, and other related stuff. 

Let's get going. 

Why mutual software is increasingly important for independent financial advisors? 

The distributors who use conventional methods of business management are on the verge of closing because they are residing obsolete in the section with previous systems, which renders the entire business obsolete and unable to generate the required results for the business.

Those distributors who have kept up with the changes are in good situations in the market and are putting up a tough fight in the industry. 

The guidance of a digital platform is crucial in every firm, and mentors require it to stay ahead of the game and to maximize their likelihood of succeeding, which is plausible with the adoption of software to complete back-office processes.

Here are some of the standout features of mutual fund software for IFA! 

Offering personalized outcomes - The advisors interact with the investors in light of their needs, wants, and financial constraints. The IFA mutual fund software comprehends the client's objectives and provides them with personalized results, which aids in transforming the negative portfolio into the investment that generates the highest returns.

Constant Monitoring: With the aid of a top-notch mutual fund app, advisors have been able to keep a close eye on investors' portfolios at all times. This software allows them to extract the best possible return from the market while minimizing the risk of loss.

Managing multiple Investors: Advisors who use the software have the ability to deal with multiple clients at once and provide effective service to each client, enabling the expansion of the business and smoothing the relationship with clients in the long run.

Systematic Planning: The software helps consultants in preparing for the portfolio of investors to elevate the condition and get the most optimized returns, which ultimately meets the objectives of investors as a result of increased company profits and customer fulfillment

Portfolio Manager: The advisor is relieved of portfolio management concerns because the software manages the client's portfolio and guarantees that every invested fund reaches the desired point, resulting in a maximum profit for the clients.

Funds Calculators: IFA Mutual fund software's sophisticated calculators feature assists consultants in conducting tough estimations of future results that can be obtained through present investment.

Customers' Information: The platform manages investors' information for advisors, which lowers the company's operating expenses and enables it to generate more revenue.

Business Assistant: The software functions as a personal assistant to advisors, performing advanced operations for the benefit of the company and ensuring its growth at an affordable cost.

Portfolio Re-Balancing - Mutual Fund App for Distributors allows for-profit reserving at the maximum and investing at the bottom with a single click; the function is incorporated with the BSE and NSE to swap commands immediately from the Rebalancing document.

Immediate money withdrawal facility - Your investors have under-used funds in their bank accounts that can be channeled into a liquid fund with an immediate withdrawal facility as needed by a client. This online ATM feature allows you to withdraw a specific amount from your bank account in a matter of minutes.

To wrap it up! 

Thus, the right mutual fund software is effective at all angles and serves the interests of independent financial advisors in terms of growing business and improving consumer satisfaction in the long run. 

Not only has the advisor industry's current situation improved, but upcoming problems have also been resolved early on, positioning the company to compete in a saturated market.

Choose the right mutual fund software for IFA

As we are now convinced that mutual fund app is crucial for businesses, but what if you chose the wrong platform which just consumes your efforts and money but does not yield any results. It might cost you your business and leads to decreasing client satisfaction. 

So, it is crucial to choose the best in class software like Nivesh Life which covers all your needs and offer you satisfactory results. 

We have created this software keeping all the problems and challenges in mind of an independent financial advisor. And it will surely benefit you & your business by keeping the revenues, profits, client satisfaction, investments, and returns higher! 

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