About us


About Us

We are primarily a product-oriented company. We believe that rather than government bureaucracy, the challenges in the field of financial advisory are rooted in technology and design. Our goal is to develop applications that are both easy and comprehensive, addressing all of the needs of financial advisors. Our product enables online financial advisors to simplify finance for their clients. Nivesh Life is a common noun in the mutual fund distribution industry, and mutual fund insight .it is well-known throughout India for its toughness and dependability.

Why Nivesh Life?

Nivesh Life has provided B2B & B2C application services to assist organizations and IFA in exceeding their technical requirements in India. Our expertise is in the development and maintenance of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

We provide mutual fund insight a mature and experienced team to help you turn your ideas into action. The team's experience in software implementation, product ranges beginning with Wealth Management Software ERP System, Nivesh Life is one of India's Growing Wealth Management Software providers, offering everything including financial website development to financial ticker and financial planning software, as well as other product lines. With a wide range of implementation risks, Nivesh Life has a strong understanding of financial domains and technologies, and quality implementation is a must for us.Insight to Mutual fund India - Nivesh life Mutual fund insight helps in analysis on mutual fund. And also gives Parameters to Analyse Whether a Mutual Fund Is Right for you or not.


What is it that we do?

At Nivesh Life, we combine our Technical and Financial Domain Expertise to create world-class one-stop solutions for Financial Advisors like Mutual Funds software, Mutual Funds software for IFA, Mutual Funds software for Distributor, Wealth Management software, Financial Planning Generator, Financial Websites, and Financial Tickers.

Nivesh Life is a vertically integrated IT firm that, like any spirited business, is powered by ideas, emotions, grit, and enterprise. Furthermore, we encompass something that extends beyond information technology. This means that when it comes to providing a solution, we do so with sincerity. A perfect communication design is born from 360-degree thought and seamless execution. We also provide mutual fund software and mutual fund insight .work hard to be proactive in this world where constant change is the buzzword. This is reflected in the benefits that our clients receive.

Our Vision


Our Goal

In our dealings and conducts with our clients, we are completely transparent and fair. Because of our transparency and honesty, our community continues to grow.



Provide need-based solutions at a reasonable price, resulting in long-term client connections through a happy staff and excellent service.



To provide investment solutions by simplifying the investment process and tailoring it to the client's objectives. Our goal is to provide you with advanced investment consultation in order to help you reach your long-term objectives, such as planning for your children's education, tax planning, and retirement planning.

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