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About us

Nivesh Life is a one-stop solution developed to solve all your financial service needs.

A brilliant platform that comes in mobile and web applications is a high-end technology platform created for next-gen advisors to build and improve their client relationships and grow their businesses. Our customer-centric approach and well-defined execution processes help us deliver excellent service, deep expertise, and a better environment for financial advisors and end clients.

Nivesh Life is a high-end technology platform created for next-generation Mutual Fund Distributors who wish to add value to their relationship with their clients and focus on growing their business to a new level. Nivesh Life is developed with the aim to empower Mutual Fund Distributors, ARNs, and end-clients to increase their assets under management, identify product opportunities, and win their clients’ loyalty and confidence.

A platform developed to ease the use, affordable, and trusted by millions; Nivesh Life offers a wide range of Mutual Fund investing ways, at your convenience.

Mutual fund

We also serve you with other investment products like:


Our Goal

In our dealings and conducts with our clients, we are completely transparent and fair. Because of our transparency and honesty, our community continues to grow.


Our Mission

Provide need-based solutions at a reasonable price, resulting in long-term client connections through a happy staff and excellent service.


Our Vision

To provide investment solutions by simplifying the investment process and tailoring it to the client's objectives. Our goal is to provide you with advanced investment consultation in order to help you reach your long-term objectives, such as planning for your children's education, tax planning, and retirement planning.


Why Choose Us?

  • on cloud

    On Cloud

    Your data is secure and backed up every day. This data can be available at any given point in time, wherever you are. We strive to provide resilient data management system for our DP partners where their end-users can systematically view their mutual funds, stocks, and other investments from a single portal.

  • Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    We have a dedicated team of Nivesh Life assistants like the IT Coordinator and Trainer who are ready to help you at any given time. Based on the inconvenience, our team will significantly advise and guide you if you require any help regarding the Nivesh Life software application.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    Our motto “#YourBrand #YourPlatform” has made us establish a platform that is completely white-labeled. Nivesh Life provides an individual financial advisor-named platform with no co-branding, we also help these financial advisors seamlessly integrate their data into the platform.

  • echnology First

    Technology First

    We value our virtues and take pride in digitally empowering investment services for better client engagement. We have automated processes that can handle big data for thousands of advisors. Leave the uploading of data to us and enjoy the hassle-free portfolio of all asset classe

  • Extensive Reporting

    Extensive Reporting

    We strive to provide resilient data management system with comprehensive and diverse reporting. The options provided are MF Portfolio Valuation Report, Capital Gain Report, Transaction History, and SIP/STP Reports.

  • Advisory Support

    Advisory Support

    Our team at Nivesh Life is well-experienced and well trained who are available round the clock for after-sales services. You will have no stressful days with more time to focus on your business. We are here to reply to any of your queries related to real-time portfolio management and others.

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