With the help of this feature-rich and user-friendly Mutual fund software, Nivesh Life is simplifying the responsibilities of controlling clients and distributors.

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Mutual fund

Commenced in 2018, today Nivesh Life is India’s fastest-growing one-stop solution for all your financial management service needs.

We sensed the potential to develop a high-end technology platform for the next-generation financial advisors and Mutual Fund distributors whose soul-focus is to add value to their clients’ relationships.

Our motto “#YourBrand #YourPlatform” addresses all the needs of financial advisors and provides a platform that is completely white-labelled. With no co-branding, Nivesh Life facilitates financial advisors to seamlessly integrate their data into the platform hassle-free.

Nivesh Life provides B2B Mutual fund Software



Why Choose Us?

  • on cloud

    On Cloud

    Systematically view your mutual funds, stock, and other investments backed up every day and can be viewed everywhere.

  • Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team

    A specialized team of it coordinators and trainers available 24/7 to help and guide you with nivesh life software application.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless Integration

    Take your historical business onboard and carry it forward digitally.

  • echnology First

    Technology First

    Providing digitally empowering investment services that can handle big data for thousands of financial advisors.

  • Extensive Reporting

    Extensive Reporting

    Comprehensive data management system with diverse reporting.

  • Advisory Support

    Advisory Support

    Round-the-clock after-sales services and 24/7 customer service for queries related to real-time portfolio management.


Our Core Features


Comprehensive & Diverse Reports

  • MF Portfolio Valuation Report
  • Capital Gain Report
  • Transaction History
  • SIP/STP Reports
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Client Engagement Tools

  • Self-Branding (through brand image and video
  • Mass Emailing
  • Auto Birthday Reminders
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Analytics and Insights

  • Consolidated Statement Report
  • Net Asset Value (NAV) Report
  • AUM Report
  • Performance Report
  • MIS Reports (available daily, monthly, or brokerage-wise)
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Analytics and Insights

  • Complete White-Labelled Platform (Only for Android App)
  • Integration with Star MF
  • Switch folios from Other ARN
  • One-click Overview
  • Multi-Asset Management (for Mutual Funds, FDs, Posts, bonds, LPS, Real Estate, and Insurance)
    Onboarding for Clients
  • Brokerage Setup
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Our Services

  •  White-Labelled Solution

    Complete White-Labelled Solution

    Our motto “Your Brand, Your Platform” is for a complete white-labelled solution that offers financial advisors with the best financial management platform. We offer a URL-based solution that operates on the client’s domain name and is specifically developed to manage and grow your mutual fund business effectively.

  • Goal Tracker

    Goal Tracker

    The Goal Tracker functionality helps Mutual fund distributors customize their reports and set more realistic goals. Through this, the distributors can map multiple assets to the investors’ goals, and in the event of a shortage, the distributor can make purchases to make up for the difference.


The First Ever Independent Mutual Fund Software For Distributors

Nivesh Life addresses all the needs of financial advisors and provides a platform that helps to simplify investing and financing. Mutual Funds are viewed as one of the most popular investment options, along with bank fixed deposits and stocks. Understanding important performance variables before investing can help you choose the finest Mutual Funds for you, and our feature-rich platform will make it happen.

Nivesh Life's Mutual fund software is developed to provide financial requirements and risk tolerance which can be beneficial to Mutual fund Distributors, corporations, as well as individuals from different income levels to scale up their financing & investing game.

High-quality technology and metrics power this feature-rich Mutual fund software, which will significantly advance the mutual funds sector and is made available on a subscription basis. You can quickly sign up or cancel the membership whenever you want, from anywhere.

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